Friday, October 19, 2007

No politics by phone

I have just about had it with the calls, door knocks, signs, flyers, etc from various political candidates. I feel politics are a personal decision, and while I am happy to discuss my beliefs with friends and even strangers, I only do so if I feel that the other party is at least willing to hear my side without judgment. I don't vote with a party, I have no loyalties in that way, but I do know what I believe and I will not waiver.

I am sick of people invading my home, my santuary, my family time, to try to change my beliefs. They must assume that I am so stupid and careless that I do not research candidates and their policies before I vote. They must think I am so flighty that I will change who I vote for based upon claims made by a stranger at my door or on my phone. I find it terribly insulting that our politicians feel that it is proper to call people at home and knock on their doors during dinner. That they feel that they are allowed to invade our personal spaces to preach their messages of half truths. I work to become educated about the candidates. I am capable of making the right choice for myself without having someone tell me how to vote. I trust that the people around me are smart enough to research the candidates, or at the very least, vote with the party they feel best represents their beliefs.

Please let me play with my kids, make dinner, and enjoy my life and world, and keep your political interuptions out of my day. When the day is done, and the kids are in bed, then I will look at your websites and read your news and PR. Then I will decide...on my own time.

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