Saturday, October 20, 2007

Still just three...

I had a bit of a disappointing day, there was a possibility that we were expecting again, but alas we are not.

I really would like a fourth child, husband is not sure that is the best idea. I understand his reasoning...we have our hands full with our three, his school, my school, jobs, etc. My want for another comes from deep within and shuns any rationalizations.

I am trying, as part of my new approach to life, to just accept and move on. I am not religious, but do feel I am spiritual, and I believe that if it is meant to be it will happen. Also, to let husband off the hook a bit, if I had been pregnant he would have been happy and told me how great it was, he was just a bit too relieved tonight when we found out I wasn't. I am thankful for what I have, and for tonight, that is enough.

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