Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I *heart* Whole Foods

I am giving an exam... actually as we speak 50 poor students are taking a terrible exam that is all essay, and I am the one who is making them do it. My afternoon class took nearly 3 hours to finish the exam, so I didn't have enough time to go home between. I was sad I couldn't head home, but then I remember that I could go to....WHOLE FOODS!!!

Yes, I spent nearly an hour walking around Whole Foods. I love it there. I love looking at all of the interesting ingredients, and seeing all of those gorgeous grains in bulk bins. I got myself some dinner from the salad bar, my favorite roast eggplant salad and some quinoa. I also got a small cup of triple squash soup, my absolute favorite! I picked up a few things for the house, including some nice organic single origin coffee, but not too much since I am getting ready to place a huge grain order. I need cornmeal, quinoa, wheat berries, brown rice and white rice. I am also going to get some wheat flour and unbleached white flour for bread baking, and some yeast. It has finally cooled a bit here, we just had the fireplace inspected and repaired, and now I am ready for winter. Mmm...healthy whole grains and fires, it must be almost winter!

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