Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running and running and running

I am tired. I am tired and I am crabby and I feel like no one else knows where I am coming from. I am looking forward to the next few days and I see very few opportunities for joy and happiness.

Husband has been working Fridays for a few weeks, and will be working them all through November. What that means for me is, he is off Wednesday night, but I teach until 10pm and he is exhausted, so we have no time together and i get no down time. He is off on Thursday, but I am running like mad, trying to play catchup for the week, and sometimes those evenings we have a few quiet minutes together. With him working on Fridays, he has to get to bed around lunchtime as he gets up to eat dinner with us and then goes to work. I miss Friday nights, they were my favorites as we usually stayed up really late and hung out in the quiet house. Then he would often let me sleep in a bit on Saturday, and I could use a sleeping in day right now.

Tomorrow I have to finish a paper, give an exam, grade 100 papers and grade for my other class. On Thursday I am not going to Brittan's class (because she requested I not come in if she is not there, and I am in when she is at music) but I have to get stuff for the weekend and I promised to donate some stuff for a party Britt's class is having on Friday. Then Haven has riding at 4 and I promised the kids we could FINALLY go get pumpkins after riding, then dinner, baths, bed, etc. Friday i have to go get a new number"7" for Haven's brownie vest as she lost hers, and she has to sell nuts at Wawa for two hours (ironic since the kid is allergic to nuts) and then Husband has work. Saturday is the Fall Festival at school, so I will attend with three kids by myself which could be fun or could be a awful. On Sunday Haven has to go to a birthday party and it is a costume party. I am making the girls Halloween costumes, so I need to have Haven's done before Sunday, along with getting a birthday present and baking her cupcakes so she has something to eat at the party.

So....I am tired and a bit weepy.

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