Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sorry Mr. Senate Candidate

So, as was established in the previous post, I don't do politics by door or phone. Today my bell rings and I open the door to one of the candidates for the Senate. It was the actual man standing at my door, and I explained that I do not do doorbell politics. He said, "But I am the one running" and I said I think that's great, but my politics are private and I don't want people coming to my door to preach theirs. He said he was just introducing himself, and I said it was nice to meet him and that I would keep in mind that he went door to door when I make my choice. It really made me mad, and while I understand the effort and appreciate a candidate going out and meeting the people, did he really have to ring my bell on a Saturday afternoon when everyone is trying to enjoy those "family values" that politicians like to talk about? Ah well, hopefully the neighbors were nicer. I am thinking of getting a sign, but I am not sure what it should say. I am taking ideas, so please share :)

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