Saturday, October 27, 2007

Whoever stole my children, please return them

My children and I had a horrible day. I had planned for a fun filled day, but that went out the window early this morning. This morning, Haven decided again that since she was up, the rest of us had to be as well. My other two kids don't do this, even the three year old, but Haven always makes it clear that when she is up, the day begins. I asked her very nicely this morning if I could have until 8 to get up (she woke me at 7:47) she then proceeded to bug me and pitch a fit until I got up-at 7:51.....yes, 4 minutes later she had woken both other kids and thrown a full on hissy fit.

We headed downstairs, did the breakfast thing and the kids fought. We were planning to go to the Fall Festival at their school, then to get pumpkins, then to get a present for a birthday party tomorrow. Brittan had soap left in her hair from her bath the night before, so I take her up to wash it out, and she throws a huge fit. So now they have been fighting all morning and throwing fits. That ended all plans for the day, we ended up staying home. They cleaned the playroom and their rooms, and helped with the laundry. I made them eat **gasp** leftovers and I think they caught on that I was really mad.

The evening was quiet, so I am hoping that tomorrow will be better. If husband can grab the present for the party on the way home, we will be able to get Haven to the party and then go get pumpkins after.....whew

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