Sunday, August 1, 2010

Being a parent sucks

I love my kids, deeply, strongly and with abandon....I also am willing to see their faults.

I know Haven will never be a big time dancer...seriously, we all know if we watch her for a few minutes, but at the tender age of 10, she is allowed that dream and I as her mother remind her that it is all about having fun, doing your best and loving what you do.  She doesn't have to worry about if dance will be her career (and it won't) but that she loves it NOW.

I HATE that other people have access to my kids and the ability to impact them in ways I don't approve of.  I have had teachers that I couldn't stand, who only saw bad and never potential, and it made me so angry that they had uncontrolled access to those little souls.  I am not a parent that tells my kids that they will be whatever they want, but I do tell them to TRY their best and if they like what they are doing, that is what should matter.

After an event today, I am pretty sure I am done with football, husband wants to talk to the coach, but unless he plans to sit there instead of going to work Weds and Fridays or is there to keep a hand plastered over my mouth, I am done.  I believe in my kids, and I also believe in my students when they walk through the door.  I believe it is MY job as the teacher to guide my children and students to be the best they can be, to see them as individuals and not to jump to conclusions about their abilities.  More than once I have been surprised by a student who achieved so much more than I anticipated and I felt awful for mentally selling them short.  I refuse someone access to my child who does not want to see the positive in him, to see the potential for improvement or change and who cannot get over their own preconceived notions to try and teach.  They should be ashamed, and once the husband backs off, they will be hearing an earful from me.  I am pretty sure that putting down a five (almost six to be FAIR) year old is not what coaching is about, and I sure as hell hope that their kids never ever struggle with something and are given a "teacher" who cares so little about the process and only about their own (possibly) misguided impressions.

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A Jersey Girl said...

I really think you misinterpreted or I did not convey the information well. I hope that you will speak to the coaches so your boy is able to continue enjoying the experience.