Saturday, July 31, 2010

I have my battered pink pants on

and if you know me, that means I plan to stay in all day tomorrow and enjoy the old, battered and holey pants.  Today was a good day, kids woke up happy, I got the majority of my work done, kids helped straighten and the bulk of the laundry was washed.  We headed out around 4 to the Fallon's for dinner then on to a birthday party at the pool.  It was a little chilly for Teagan and I to be in the water too much, but the big kids had a blast and Teagie sucked up well to the birthday girl's family and scored plenty of bites of cupcake from them, so she was happy.  I got to chit chat which after a week of no hubby, was a welcome brush with adult conversation.

Tomorrow I plan to relax and rest.  I have some writing to do and will need to feed kids etc, but I am going to really try to lay low and take a day to myself, laundry and work be damned.  Monday we will do house stuff and football, Tuesday we are heading to the fair with the hubby, Wednesday we are going to the waterpark.  The kids are looking forward to a fun week and I am looking forward to enjoying some family time, some down time and some time with friends :)

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