Friday, July 30, 2010

Ah the joys of having a brood

Sitting at football watching my poor son who is lost as can be and really unskilled being that this was practice number 3 for him when Baby Five Alive aka Finn decides to kung fu my stomach. As he accosts my very empty stomach, my girls were off pushing the baby in the stroller and I did not want to leave my post watching Gray's practice especially since he had just been flattened a few minutes earlier. So I sat there, and Finn kept bashing that sweet spot that made me want to hurl and thankfully my girls came back just in time for me to remove myself from the masses to get sick.  Of course Haven with Teagan in tow followed me to see what I was doing :)

Thankfully Britt recognized the look on my face and was wise enough to hold down the fort, well our chairs, and watch over her little brother so I could deal with the effects of ongoing all day sickness.  Now THAT makes for a fun evening, is the hubby off yet?

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