Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back off Burglars

We are home and have been since the wee hours of Monday morning, so any would be robbers need to think twice before they try to nab my tube TVs.

Here is the lowdown...
1. We went to Long Island
2. We stayed with my husband's father and his girlfriend, it was hot as Hades and there was limited air conditioning and no food in the house
3. We indulged in loads of yummy LI food, I went to a picnic with folks from HS (hi guys, lets do it again next year!) and ran into my old Greek bosses who slipped my kids cash :)
4. It was too hot, I was too tired and not feeling well, so much to hubby's dismay and a nasty little argument, we headed home early
5. We made it home in one piece with all family members in the same vehicle, and the nasty fight is over because we really have better things to do with our time
6. We had an ultrasound yesterday, the baby is a boy, he will be Finnian Ryan and we are very excited.  We also learned he has enormous ears and feet, so he will resemble Grayson when he was born.  Good thing he grew into both the ears and the feet.
7.  Seems he has a little cyst in his brain, we assume it is nothing as did the perinatologist and the geneticist, most likely it will simply dissipate.
8. I am swamped at work so that is all I can write for now

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