Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just for posterity

Pregnancy gives you wicked and weird dreams that are so real you question if they happened at all.

Here is the doozy I had last night:
I was not married and had no kids and was planning to attend some big work conference in a few weeks.  I met up with an ex boyfriend from HS (who in actuality was someone I went to HS with, but never dated and never wanted to date).  He and I hung out for the weeks leading up to the conference and then he popped the question and I accepted although I have no idea why and the ring was obviously plastic.

Then the conference came and we had to drive through a bunch of gates to find the building I needed to go to on this big corporate retreat campus.  He was driving my car which I think was my old Nissan Sentra and he wouldn't stop at the gates!  I was getting pissed since I needed to know where to go and I needed a parking pass, etc but on we went.  I then saw people from work, so we got out at that building and I told him I was going to go check in and get my name tag, which in the dream was VERY important to me, and he could entertain himself.  I couldn't find where to check in and it was taking forever and I was walking all over when I finally found some friends from work so I stopped to chat.  As we were chatting and they were telling me where I could get a name tag, the boyfriend/fiance came running through being chased by police, and he ended up getting away.  Police told me he was wanted for murder!  I was so in shock and embarrassed in my dream and still didn't have my damn name tag!  Finally they caught him and he was wearing a Rangers knit cap (?) when they got him.

So dream analyzers, WTH?

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