Thursday, July 8, 2010

World's most boring blog post

Well, we have been pretty content over here.  Hubby took an extra day off this week, and it is his short week, so he works tonight and tomorrow and then is home again until Wednesday :)  Kids have been enjoying the pool out back being that it has been unbearably hot here, and I have been hanging n the very comfortable air conditioned house.

My work break is about over, so I will need to head back to the FT gig next week, but thankfully I can do it from home in my PJs since I am dead tired and wiped out most of the time.  This pregnancy is kicking my rear and I need to find a way to muster more energy or I am not going to make it to December.  I headed back to the iron pills, so I am hoping that is part of the issue, and I have allowed myself rest time each day, which is also helping me a little. 

So there it is in all its boring glory...I cook, clean, wash and organize as I am supposed to, and generally life is calm right now, and for that I am thankful.

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