Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tomorrow we celebrate Teagan's first birthday and I cannot believe a year has gone by since she joined our family.  I feel so lucky to have her, she is a joy, quick with a smile and silly beyond belief.  At one, she is a walking fool, has a few words but still mostly yells gobbledy gook, and eats more than any baby I know.  Tonight for dinner she ate two slices of steak diced up teeny tiny, some chopped up grape tomatoes, some of the potatoes I made and some home canned apple slices. 

Teagie loves the pool, Rosie the dog and her siblings.  She is a smart little one and knows how to get what she wants from each of us, and she is happy to play with her toys on her own most days.

My only baby with a dimple, Teagan came into our lives and fits right in.  I couldn't imagine life without her, and cannot wait to see the little girl she will grow into.

We LOVE you Teagie Jayne and Happy Birthday sweetpea.

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