Friday, July 2, 2010

There is always room

Oh my I miss my girls, words I will surely eat by midweek when they are all running amok and being loud.  It is weirdly quiet here, both during the day and the night.  Ry has been working, so it is just Teagan and Gray who both are generally content and quiet.  As I write this, Gray is happily playing legos and Teagan is napping after our morning of errands.  I miss the chaos that I have come accustomed to, but also know that chaos will only grow when Baby Five Alive enters the mix.

I have started to sit at the Dining Room table more when I work and I love to look out the front windows.  With all my complaining about our house, I never share the truly special attributes it has.  The view from the Dining Room and Living Room is simply beautiful.  Our front yard is split by a creek and we have many large and mature trees which make it look like a park from these rooms.  Both rooms are also fairly spacious, and should we be here a few more years, I have plans to combine the Dining Room and Kitchen to make one large (and  large family friendly) eat in Kitchen.  The Family Room is my favorite in the winter when we have a fire going, and the kid's Playroom is under construction with new paint and carpet being completed this summer.  Bedrooms are good sizes, my older girls share the largest of the three extra rooms, the second largest is Teagan's room that will be repainted and she will share with the new baby for a while, and Gray has the smallest bedroom, but he loves it and has all he wants and needs there.  The Master bedroom is large, and once the bathroom is completed, it will be much more comfortable, for now we are all sharing the kid's bathroom upstairs which could make me crazy if it persists much longer.

One of the best features of this house is my pantry,  It is a full sized room, about 12 X 10 that houses my extra fridge and freezer as well as all the shelves for my supplies and our food storage.  It too will be getting a little makeover soon, with new floor tiles going in, a new shelving system to organize things better and a new door to the garage.  The laundry room....well, it stinks and is too small for our family, so it is not a positive :)

So there are good points, and when we paint this fall I will love the outside of our house and it will better match the hills and greenery of our property.  I can hang here a little longer, just keep the crazy tornado warnings and wicked thunderstorms away or I get scared the huge trees are going to crush the house.

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