Friday, July 23, 2010

Whew...crisis averted

Well we are not home, and as I always state when we are not home, we have four kids and a huge dog who IS home and we are an unpredictable sort with a house sitter and you will never know when we will return or if we are far or close or if someone will vomit or bleed or be awful forcing us to return. Plus the only valuable things we have are the kids, the car and our computers....which are all with us.  Seriously, we still have the old tube TVs with the HUGE backs on them, Mama is cheap :)

So b/c we are not home but may return today or tomorrow or three weeks from never, my husband had to sit in a car with me.  Sitting in a car with me when I have no name for a baby and he is very tired equates to torture for him, so he decided that for Baby Five Alive he would give in and allow me to name him as I please, hooray!  Then he said I owed him and I laughed and laughed and laughed!  I then proceeded to explain how many months I have been pregnant, how many months I have nursed, that this is my FOURTH c-section and baby number one who came the traditional route was 9 lbs 6 ozs!  I reminded him of the two units of blood after Brittan's traumatic birth and that a mere two years later I went on to try again with our first son.  Seems he is now reminded of who owes who what and I am pretty sure I will be getting breakfast delivered this morning.

So should there be a little boy in there, he will be Finnian, which we find a tad ironic being he will be our last child and will be called Finn...think French "fin"...the end, the finale, our final curtain call!

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