Friday, July 16, 2010

Brittan is turning 8!

Our birthday week is continuing tomorrow with Brittan's 8th birthday.  Brittan is such a sweet kid, she was always smiling as a baby unless someone came too near and then she would wail. Content to sit and watch the antics of Haven, Britt often hung back and was late to speak.  I was always afraid she didn't like us or have a connection to us, but now I know she does.

Tomorrow she turns 8 and she is an interesting, chatty, loving kid who loves school, especially math!  She makes friends easily and puts herself in the role of protector of Grayson and Teagan, although I think Gray outweighs her now :)  She is a little thing with the most gorgeous green eyes and she can make my day with a huge hug.

Happy Birthday Bubbles, we love you so much and are so thankful that you are in our family!

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