Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need to name this baby!

I have never gone into my 20 week ultrasound without a name for a baby.  For Haven, she was named two weeks after we found out we were pregnant we were armed with our girl and boy name.  Brittan took some negotiation, but she was named before her big unveiling and Grayson as well.  With Teagan I didn't even HAVE a boy name I was so sure I was having a girl, and lo and behold, Teagan Jayne sleeps away in her room.

This baby, this little unexpected surprise is still officially nameless and my "big official" ultrasound is next Tuesday!  Now should the early ultrasound be wrong, and I am harboring my fourth baby girl in there, we had already easily agreed on the name Matilda.   However, if the little tagalong is a boy, as I suspected all along and the doc believed the babe to be at my early ultrasound, he is No Name Kelley.

Now I have a name for him. The kids like the name I have for him.  Friends like the name for him.  Husband does not like the name so much.  Ugh, fingers crossed on our long ride tomorrow I can convince him to name the babe to be what I want :)

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