Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am pulling out my inner optimist, kicking and screaming all the way

I decided to control what I can control today.  I have my two littles home, we are not going anywhere and everything should be pretty calm. 

Today I plan to accomplish things.  I want to do a bunch of laundry.  I promised Gray I would bake him brownies, so those are already in the oven.  I have to make some bread, and I am making the hubby and Grayson stuffed rigatoni for dinner.  I also prepped some navy beans and will be making one of my all time comfort meals, ham and beans, which I will have for dinner and the crew will get for lunch tomorrow.  Cleaning is on the list including a good floor scrubbing during Teagan's afternoon nap, and I may even try to work on the playroom paint...we will see :)

Today I will look on the bright side, try to rest and relax with Grayson and Teagan and enjoy the time I have with them.  I will be a good wife and make sure Ryan has what he needs for work, since I know the 12 hour shifts and long commutes are hard and he desperately misses seeing the kids in the evenings.  I will miss my two big girls, but enjoy their chattery phone call tonight when they share the busy day that they had, and I will open the windows to this beautiful breezy day.

We are so very lucky here.  While I may not like our house, it is big enough to hold us all comfortably and keeps us safe and secure.  While my husband's job situation is precarious, we have the means to survive for quite a while and my work is secure.  We have healthy little people whom we love and adore, and a strong is all good.

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