Friday, July 9, 2010

The makings of a good day

Today started a touch rough with Teagan waking at just after 6 after I had only gone to bed around 1 am, but we made a nice breakfast for the big kids and the day began without much fuss.

Did some work, cleaned up a bit and then around 1 we hit the pool with friends.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to go swimming and have the weight of my pregnancy belly lifted.  The kids all love the pool, their friends are there to play with and the baby is thrilled to splash and float.  After a two hour swim, we headed home and I treated the big kids to sundaes, and then came home and put the baby up for a much needed nap.  Before we left to go to the pool, the water had gone off due to a line break down the went off after I shaved one armpit, YIKES!  When we came home, the water was working so I could start laundry and plan for dinner.  All in all, today has been simply nice, calm and fun.

Tomorrow Gray has a football meeting, and the hubby is off, so we will work on getting the house organized and I will make a nice family dinner.  Summer is really good this year.

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