Saturday, August 14, 2010

I hate time

I hate time because when it comes to my children, it moves too quickly. Ryan sent me a pic last night of the three "big" kids the last time we went to Florida.  Haven was 8, Brittan 6 and Grayson 4...they were so so tiny.

I also hate time because when I want something, it moves too too sloooooooowly.

It is no secret that I want the hell out of Virginia.  We thought the move would be accelerated, and thus really difficult, because of the hubby's job being eliminated, but they have put the lay offs on hold.  We anticipate he is OK through the end of the year, potentially through next summer.  For us, this is pretty good news since we are so close to paying off my car and the credit cards, like less than 20 months close.  Once those are gone, we have a lot more open doors, and if the housing market could cooperate, we would be out of here.

The real issue has been where to go.  We entertained moving by my sister here in VA.  It would be an easy move since it is in state, just a few hours away.  We could afford the land we want and possibly custom build a house, nice when you have a big family and specific wants in a house.  We would also be near my sister, bil and their kids, which is another big positive.  The negatives are we would still be here, sigh, and we would not have the winters we desire.  We really miss real winter and would like to be near water, if not the ocean, then a big lake.

We also entertained moving back to Long Island...that was squashed after the last visit.  The food is great, so is the ocean, but we simply cannot live anywhere near my husband's family and we could not get the rural lifestyle we desire.

The last option is Upstate NY.  We had been looking closer to NYC, but have since begun looking at the Albany area.  It has the rural areas we desire, it is close to my favorite place on earth (VT), NY School system and University System, there are jobs for the hubby and I could step down to just the one job working from home, great real winters, mild summers for the hubster, lakes.... :)

Now we just need to figure out how to make it happen, and hope that the housing market here improves!  We have the option to rent this house out and buy up there, not my favorite option, but it is there and we should be able to afford it if we need to.  I think the hubby is staying in the current job until he gets laid off and gets his severance, we are hoping to bank that and use it later on.  If we can hold off until after next summer, he can start looking for a new gig when Finn turns 1.  I can handle having him gone all week for spring semester and we may be able to move  June-December 2012.  Ugh.  I hate waiting and planning and hoping  :(  Did I mention I found the PERFECT house, six bedrooms, all new, huge covered wrap around porch, lake on property, over five acres and a full unfinished basement with over 3000 sq feet just in the BASEMENT!  There was also a fire pit out back built into the patio, more than enough room for a huge garden and fruit trees, a pool and the damn house was something we could afford.  Oh it sucks when that happens.

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