Friday, August 6, 2010

I think I am calm....

Wow, it has been a surprisingly easy and good day.  Got the chores and work done, prospectus is being emailed tonight and I have a plan for dinner (chicken caeser salad sandwiches with chips and fruit) then football.  I feel on top of things today, and it is a nice change of pace....I even managed to check off new school shoes for the kiddos today and I got the three big kids new sneakers and Haven ballet flats for 30 bucks shipped!  Just need one more pair of shoes for Gray and Britt, first day of school outfits for each and some pants for Gray and we are good to go :)  I also have a load of baby clothes I am ready to order, 4 outfits for Teagan and four for baby Finn.  Teagan should be set for Fall and early winter, so that is a relief, and I will begin acquiring for Finn more in September, we have some stuff from Grayson and some gender neutral stuff from Teagan we can use, but he will need some new onsies (long sleeve) cotton pants, socks, sleepers ad gowns for the early months.

I also booked our sitter for Fall...seems the hubby's job is much more secure and we don't anticipate a layoff soon, so I needed to get my ducks in a row for when I head back to PT school.  Thankfully the sitter knew my schedule and was easy to book, and she is willing to drag the whole crew to football on Wednesdays for me and feed them dinner, YEAH!

So now I am ready for fall, I want the shorter days, the cooler breezes and the crisp air.  Bring it on, I am ready to run through fall so I can meet my new baby boy!

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