Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kindergarten Evaluation

Tomorrow I take Gray for his Kindergarten Evaluation and I fully expect him to do poorly, not because he is not a smart boy, but because he is not very interested in performing.  I really don't care as I know he knows what he should for starting K although I wish he was reading more words, and he has been much better at listening (to other people other than ME!) I just hope they get him speech.  This kid mumbles and doesn't pronounce the first consonant and it is making me nuts!  We took him, twice, to the early intervention folks and they told us he was "appropriately" delayed whatever that means.  He is having a hard time being understood and it hinders him, so I hope they see he has a need and give him the service.

I do have to admit I am excited to see him off to school.  We held him the year, and he turns six this week, so he is more than ready to head off and I know it will a good experience for him.  Don't get me wrong, it will be strange to be here alone with Teagan all day alone, and I will miss Gray, but I am happy he is ready and I get some alone time with Teagie before Finn comes.

On to Finn...I think I am harboring a giant. My stomach is HUGE, like about to deliver and pop HUGE and he isn't due until December 11th!  I just turned 23 weeks and I am not sure where this kid is going to grow, I already have hard jabs all day, everyone can see his movement from the outside and he is all the way under my ribs.  I am afraid of what is to come, and being that I already gave birth to four big kiddos, this one seems to be putting them to shame.  We have an ultrasound at the end of the month to check the cyst in his brain and to have the fetal echo cardiogram I have with all my babies, and I am curious to see how big he is.  He was measuring ahead last time, so I am wondering how ahead we will be now.  Slow down Finny, no need to rush!

I am still feeling in my gut that he will try to appear on or around Thanksgiving.  It will be interesting since the hubby works that night so we won't celebrate as a family until Saturday.  I am hoping to have my sister's family here on real Thanksgiving just in case :)

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