Thursday, August 26, 2010

ebates saves me money

I have begun Christmas shopping since the baby could come around Thanksgiving.  I do a lot of online shopping since I can often find good deals, I can do it when the kids are in the room and the stuff gets delivered...wheeeee.

One way I save money is through ebates.  If you have never heard of them, they are a site that works with retailers and if you go there first, log in to your account and then go over to the store you want to buy from, you get a percentage of your purchase back.  It is awesome.  Last year just from Christmas I got over 100 bucks back as cash just for buying stuff I would have bought anyway!  I always check there first since they also have coupons or if you have coupon codes you found, you can use them as always.  Tonight I ordered two gifts for the girls, some stocking stuffers for the big kids and two Christmas Decorations that were super cute and used a free shipping code and will get 6% back!  With what I bought just tonight, all of which was on sale, and the free shipping which saved me 15 bucks, I will also get almost 8 bucks in cash back.

When Kohls was having their back to school sale and Kohls cash, I used ebates and bought Gray some clothes.  I got my Kohls cash, 10 bucks worth, so my 50 bill (on sale) gave me 10 bucks in Kohls Cash, then I bought stuff on sale and I used a 20% off coupon.....oh and since I went through ebates I got 5% cash back. All in all, I paid under 40 bucks out of pocket for a bunch of clothes (like 4 pants and a pair of jeans, two packs of socks and an outfit for Finn) and had 10 bucks in Kohls Cash to spend (long sleeve onsies thankyouverymuch!) and got cash back :)

Sooo......if you want to try it out, please use the link below.  I get credit for referrals (and you will too if you join!) and you can get even MORE cash back!  Seriously, it works, I promise and I am cashing my most recent Big Fat Check tomorrow, they don't sell your crap and all you have to do is remember to go there first before going to the store site...easy peasy!


Christine Deppen said...

The queen of cheap over here is definitely going to give you a referral and sign up! Thanks for the heads up - I LOVE saving money! :)

Christine Deppen said...

Oooh, it says I've been a member since 2008, so I must have signed up before and just forgot about it. I guess you won't get the referral then, even though I did use the link you provided. Thanks anyway - I will definitely use Ebates going forward!