Monday, August 2, 2010

The Great and Powerful Ry has Spoken

Football stays. Ugh.  I am still left with a bad taste in my mouth especially since my people pleaser Mr. Nice Guy husband was the one to talk to the coach.  He is also making the ENTIRE crew go to practice today, and I will have to leave at 7 since I have a work call.  I am less than pleased as I am still not happy with what was said and how it was all handled, but Grayson smiled when he heard he had practice, so we will go.  I will go each time I need to and sit in my chair and entertain my girls.  I will sit at games and watch. I will go because it is what Grayson wants, but one wrong word or move by the coaches and my full on LI preggo hormonal mom side will be out and it will not be pretty, seriously, no one wants to see a pregnant mama screaming and yelling obscenities at big grown men.  I am hoping Grayson proves them wrong, and that the coaches redeem themselves, but still I am not happy.

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