Friday, August 13, 2010

Popping in with randomness

Well a few days off did me good, I feel on top of stuff, work is manageable, got some lectures written and looking at the prospectus this weekend to get the final version done :)

So on to the randomness...

I was feeling really crappy last night, even had some weird sharp chest pains, realized I have been forgetting the iron pills, one pill and I already feel better.

So thankful that we require the kids to have responsibilities from an early two...because they can be helpful when they put their minds to it.  Today while the big girls unloaded the dishwasher and put some random things away, Gray was in switching laundry with me...and when we came home from the store they automatically began putting groceries away...simply awesome.  Now don't get me wrong, they are messy beasts, but when they help, it really makes a difference.

I have been locating deals on gear for the kids.  With a houseful, we need to always watch our pennies, so whenever we can get a good deal, I am all over it.  I found an awesome Kohls deal where I got Grayson 4 pairs of paints, a new tablecloth for Fall, an outfit for the new baby and two packs of socks (12 total) for 52 bucks....and then we got 10 dollars in Kohls cash :)  This came on the heels (hahaha) of a deal on shoes for the big kids, new sneaks all around and ballet flats for Haven for 30 bucks and a deal at Carter's/Osh Kosh for Teagan and Finn where they got 4 outfits each for under 80 bucks!

So today when I saw a deal on Crocs for the big kids (3 pair for 16 bucks!) I jumped on it and right after that order, I got an email that football is canceled tonight.  I was very happy about practice being canceled as it is VERY wet and muddy out which means I would have four muddy kids after the two hour practice.  While riding the high of my deal and the free night ahead, my doorbell rang.

I answered the door and there is a guy standing there, he is from Professional Meats (mind you Capital Meats came to the door last week!?) and tells me they are having a sale on some cut of, OK?  So first I people really buy meat from a guy at their door that they didn't order and that is "on sale"?  I am thinking that sounds a dangerous proposition, I mean, I can see how you would order meat from a company like this and have it delivered, but someone just knocking at the door?

So here is what I say to the guy, "Um, no thanks, we actually get our meat from the farm."

He replies, "Well, we get ours straight from the butcher!"

I then state, "Yeah, OK, well I get mine from the farm, where it is grown and it is natural and hormone free and antibiotic free...."

He then looks at me like I am nuts and says, "So you get it from the farm?  But we get ours from the BUTCHER"

Yeah, then I bid him good day.  Seriously, does the butcher trump the farm?  Our stuff is butchered, it isn't like a whole side of cow is delivered and I carve it at home!  No ill intent to butchers, they know their craft well, but do they know what the animal ate, where it roamed, where it was slaughtered, the conditions and how it was packed before they got it?  My farm does, and I get an ID number for my cow...all the pieces come from the same cow.  The chicken, yep, one farm, one packer....

So now I am really people think buying "sale" meat from a guy at your door who assures you the meat comes from a butcher (although not sure where else they would get it) seem like a better idea than ordering meat from the source? Weird conversation....

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