Friday, August 6, 2010

The morning thus far

Well we didn't sleep until 10...well most of us.  Woke and checked the bank account...Friday ritual since we get a check every week, hubby and I are on opposite pay schedules so the checks arrive each week...sadly the check this week was 300 bucks short..YIKES!  Hubby checked when he came home and for some reason his timecard did not go through right so we were missing some hours, it will show in next check...whew, good thing it wasn't a rough week!

So Teagan, Britt and Gray were up by 7:30 which meant I got them fed and the dishes I chose to ignore last night done early AND all my work work for the day..hip hip hooray!  Haven slept until 10 am, and I am very afraid of what that will mean tonight, but I am going with it since she seems pleasant.

Teagan was sitting with Gray and Britt watching High 5 and she was totally rocking out, bouncing, clapping and dancing. Then when Haven got up, she toddler-ran over to her and gave Haven a huge hug complete with a squeeze and a back sweet. So thankful my kids really like one another and I hope it continues as they get older.

Now I need to put the baby down for a nap and finish the rough draft of my prospectus, it is going out today, no excuses.  Football tonight, but I am planning an easy dinner, grilled chicken salad, so that should help make the afternoon run smoothly, and I *may* order pizza for lunch since I feel lazy :) Football time will be spent writing lectures so I can get paid.

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