Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scheduled lunch break

Work has been so so so busy.  Between all the jobs, I am working non-stop and any breaks I have, I am tackling laundry, dinner, errands, etc.  I am wiped.

I finally decided that I need to schedule a lunch break for myself every day.  I made myself some lunch, gnocchi with spinach and garlic, and decided NO WORK UNTIL 3!  That means, no dishes, no emails, no posts, no vacuuming...NO WORK.  It is great, I am watching TV, blogging and eating lunch and it was so needed.  At three I will grade the final assignment I have to deal with and I will work on my prospectus, I will look over the lectures I need to write and check on dinner, but for the next blissful hour I am doing nothing :)

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