Saturday, August 7, 2010

Choked up

I had a good day, a great day save for the super crabby baby...but even when she was crabby I was so happy she is mine, here, and healthy.  Finnian has been a dancing fool, kicking and turning and making his presence known, and the big kids played well today and helped me out when asked.  I am really one lucky soul.

At present we are doing okay financially, hubby's job is not in immediate danger and I have a healthy little tribe.  Life is good, and tonight when chatting with my husband who was kindly making me iced tea at 10:30 at night because I was thirsty, I got choked up.  We are a lucky bunch here.  We have everything we need and most things we want.  We are going to be blessed with our fifth child, our second son, and so many couples struggle to grow their family.  Our marriage is healthy and strong, and even when we hit bumps, we come out hand in hand moving forward.  We are *nearly* out of debt, in the next year and a half most of our debt will be gone and we will have an even more secure financial future and the ability to move to a house with much more land.  Life is good for us, and while the days seem long sometimes, or the tasks overwhelming, I know that tomorrow morning when I wake up, there will be five people happy to see me, and that in and of itself, is a wonderful gift.

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