Saturday, January 2, 2010

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even if you don't post that you do to my entry below :)

So, new year and most people make resolutions right? I hate that idea because there are so many things I resolve to do at various times during the year, loading it all in at one time seems unbalanced.

Here are some of my "goals" for 2010...and they were set awhile ago :)

I want to be a more patient parent, especially with Haven. It has been a rough year and she has been pushing a few limits lately, ones that will be bad if she pushes then when older (sneakiness, lying, etc) so we are trying to bring her back in now. She is a good kid, sweet and kind and caring when she chooses, and I need to see that in her more and try to work with her to change some bad habits.

I want to make more at home. Things are very busy right now for me with the kids home from school, the sickness that has run through, the courses I am writing and work in general. However, that doesn't mean that I can't make more at home. Summer is so busy with the garden and canning etc, winter needs to be productive too. I am resolving to find an extra few hours a week to work on sewing or other projects around the house.

I need to plan the garden, but I need the hubby in on this one. I need to find two new areas to grow in, our lot is so shady, it makes it hard to find proper places to set up small growing areas. At present, I think we will put in two more growing areas in spring, plant two apple trees and two fig trees this year, take down one large oak tree to allow the fruit trees room to grow and use the farmers market this year in place of the CSA.

That is about it for now. What are your goals?

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