Friday, January 22, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive

My oldest girl has food allergies, and this morning she told me she had a dream that all the food at the bakery was trying to get her. See, she loves pastry, but she can almost never have it since most bakeries use nuts. So she asked me to please make her a huge, delicious cinnamon roll, and like a good mama, I obliged.

After dropping the kids are school, the baby and I came home, did a few things and right before leaving to run to the food store and to get Gray, I made a batch of Challah dough. Lately I make it with 2 cups of whole wheat flour, and the rest white, and it works well for sandwich and hamburger rolls and loaves of bread, but I wasn't sure about cinnamon rolls. Left the dough to rise and ran to the store, and while there, I made sure to grab cream cheese.

After getting Gray and a friend, coming home and feeding them and the baby, I decided to shape the cinnamon rolls. They came out great, although next time I will add more cinnamon and sugar inside, and I threw the rest of the dough in a loaf pan for sandwiches. After baking, the cinnamon rolls looked fantastic, so I decided to make a special frosting. Using cream cheese, butter, confectioners sugar and maple syrup, I made a maple cream cheese icing. The only thing that would make this better would be to add walnuts...but alas, then we would be back to Haven not getting any.

So now they are sitting there, tempting me, and I am trying to resist until my girls get home from school :)

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