Sunday, January 3, 2010

Like drunk Frat Boys after a big party

is how we sleep.

I noticed this last night as I was settling down to go to sleep. Since the hubby works four nights a week, my bed has always been a place for kids to come for whatever reason. I have no problem sharing and as long as I get my small spot, I am pretty happy. Last night, as I started to settle to go to sleep, I noticed the arrangement in my bed. Teagan had fallen asleep next to me, but sort of in the middle of the bed sleeping across the bed (yes we cosleep, it means I don't actually have to wake up to nurse). Grayson had also come in due to leg pain and he was sleeping towards the foot of the bed, wrapped in Ryan's blankets with his feet hanging off, sort of on a diagonal. I lay on my side of the bed, also on a slight angle due to Grayson's position and then realized how silly it must look from above. Add to that that some nights one of the girls will show up, either in the bed or on the floor, and they just throw blankets on and pass out. We must look like we just fell asleep where we fell. :)

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