Friday, January 8, 2010

A constant work in progress

We are a constant work in progress. My house never has sparkling clean counters except at midnight. All spaces are filled with projects. There is always something baking, cooking, rising or being eaten. There are art projects, house projects, cleaning projects, sewing projects and work projects. There are things being broken, made and planned. There are children growing up, a family growing together and many levels of love.

Our world is full of constant movement and flow. Our family is one that does for itself, makes for itself, and tries to live simply within the chaos of our surroundings. We choose this life, embrace it and believe it to be best for us.

I long for sparkling clean lines, a clutter free and quiet home, but it will not happen until my children are grown and gone and then I will still be baking four loaves of bread a week longing for craziness and noise and missing them like crazy.

This is my life, my home, my family and I am thankful for it all.

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