Saturday, January 16, 2010

And I was just thinking how lately I have nothing to say

that will change now I am sure.

My husband came home and told me that his division is being outsourced to India sometime in the next year....but lets face it, once they tell you, it is sooner rather than later. Blindsided is not strong enough of a word.

Right now I am very anxious, but also know that we have time on our side. Hopefully it will be a few months before layoffs and then we know that there is a decent severance package, but one we hope not to need. We are in flux, especially since we had just laid out our plan for the next four years and a layoff was not in the cplan. I could go and look for more traditional full time work and make enough to support us, but that would mean daycare for the kids, and me being gone and everything we worked for would go up in no dice except as a last resort.

Right now we are just breathing. Tomorrow we will go away as a family and have fun and Tuesday we will dust off Ry's resume and get it ready to go. He will look internally for jobs and for positions here in our area....but he will also look for jobs wherever we have family he can stay with, which includes NY. We understand that he may get a job up there and that he would need to be there during the week and only home on weekends, and that this may last a year before we can sell the house here and buy something up there. I really have no desire to move back to LI, but at least I know what I am getting there and we are comfortable with the area. We have family there, but that is more of a negative than a positive, and the idea of moving in the next two years was not in the cards.

Guess I will have loads to post as we navigate this one. I know that this may be a good thing and that regardless, we are fortunate that we have work and time...but still, I JUST made a plan!


A Jersey Girl said...

You guys are going to be fine and come out in a better place, I know it!

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks Em, I am sure it will be fine...just stressful until it is all taken care of. Bleck, I hate forced change!