Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We are back from our little trip...actually we got back around dinnertime on Monday. We went to Great Wolf Lodge and had a great time. The kids really enjoyed the waterpark and we had a really cool log cabin room. Even the baby had a good time and she didn't mind getting splashed at all!

Now we are home and back to reality :(

I start back to teaching tonight, and it looks like it will be a quick night tonight since my room I was assigned has no technology and I haven't reserved we will be in an out. The baby had a well check yesterday and marched in at 49% for height and 45% for weight...she is a peanut for our family. We also noted to the ped that her feet keep going really purple when held upright and Teagan happily provided a demonstration while we were there. Given her cardiac history, the ped was alarmed and we made an appt for the cardiologist for today. Went to see our fave cardiologist who assured us that her purple feet were due to an immature circulatory system and it was not cardiac related, and then following her echo, he told her that as long as her murmur is gone by a year old, she is cleared as a patient...Hooray!

I am a wreck due to having too much to do and too little time, and I think the hubby and I have decided to make moving back home a reality if possible. I am not sure we will end up ON Long Island, we may in fact end up somewhere upstate, but we need to make a change and I miss being near people we know. So in a fit of tears this morning, I admitted I wanted to just go "home"

OK, off to prep dinner and for work...wish me luck :)

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