Thursday, January 14, 2010

How do you throw a life jacket

when you are drowning?

Seriously I have been stressed and overwhelmed and on edge BUT I know how good I have it. I am thankful for the stress because it means I have a job and income. I am overwhelmed by my house and kids, but heck, I have them! Most importantly, I have my health, my husband's health, the kids (relative)health and our families health.

A dear friend of mine has been sliding through a really crappy patch. Right now the very nature of what we all are thankful for when push comes to shove, health, is what her family is fighting against. Her children are healthy, thank goodness, and her husband, and she has been ill on and off, but so far nothing too serious. Her extended family, however, has multiple members fighting the cancer battle, and I see how much stress, pain and sadness this is causing her.

While there is nothing more I can do except be her friend, and really nothing more she can do except provide those family members with love and support, I still wish I could fix it. It puts it all in perspective when you watch a friend navigate through this maze, and while we all have high hopes that the family members will battle and be OK, it is so hard to watch my friend deal with all of this stress. So....since i know you read this....we love you and we are here for you, and you are doing a great job!

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A Jersey Girl said...

GREAT! Now you made me CRY!

Thanks for everything!