Thursday, January 28, 2010

When did my baby become a fashionista?

My oldest girl has become very interested in her clothing and hair and has started putting together outfits. I hate to admit it, but she does a really good job pulling together a cute, and almost always age appropriate, look for herself. I love watching her express herself and seeing the budding young woman that is growing inside my little girl.

Gone are the days of sundresses and matching outfits with Brittan. Now it is all about accessories and mixing and matching. I miss my baby. I miss that little girl with the yellow blond hair pulled into wispy pigtails. I miss her chubby bare feet. I miss the toddler in a white dress standing in the kitchen. I miss that little girl, but I am also amazed at the journey we have taken with Haven, the hard times we have faced, the concerns and worries over her health, and the place we are now. The changes came so fast and furious. This year she will turn 10 and we will enter a whole new world of parenting.

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