Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It is so sad when a high chair is the highlight of your day

but today it is.

Teagan needed a high chair, and having had many of these in the past, I knew what I did and did not want.

I liked the chair I had for my older girls, it was big and comfy and had a nice tray with an easy release. The problem was that it was BIG and the comfy part was a big, bunchy, cotton seat that held every bit and scrap and drip of food. It needed to be washed almost every day and it was really annoying. So while they were happy and comfy, we could only use it for dinner time since the cover was always being washed.

With Gray I started with a similar style chair and then moved to an all plastic model ala Ikea. It was nice since the whole thing could be easily wiped down and I liked that it had a smaller footprint.

For Teagan, I knew I wanted something with a small footprint that was easy to clean but comfy. I looked at the kind of seats that strap onto a chair, but our chairs are super bulky and I didn't want to drag it around. I looked at the regular high chairs, but they were so big. Then I found the new Evenflo Baby Go Chair and I ordered it.

It is perfect for us for now. It is lightweight and I can move it around the house as needed. It fits her nicely and it seems easy to clean. It folds up so we can take it with us on trips. It is about the same height as the table, so she can convert to sitting at the table. We may need to upgrade to a bigger chair if she wants to sit in her chair past the age of 18 months, but none of the other kids have, so I am anticipating pulling this up to the table or moving her into a regular chair.

Here is the cutie testing the new chair out


Christine Deppen said...

So cute! I am glad that you found something that you like. And I recognize the Puff's - my niece LOVES those things! :)

Jack said...

Soooooooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!!

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