Monday, January 4, 2010

My couch has a definite warm spot

Since I am under the weather, I have been warming "my" spot on the couch today. Not to worry the fellow workaholics out there, the laptop and blackberry are strategically placed and I have worked a bunch today including a nice little chat with the boss and the folks in India. Housework has been pushed aside again, although I did trick the hubby into agreeing to do the dishes and he offered to take the older kids with him to the far away grocery store when they get home from school!

I'm sitting here bouncing the babe with my foot while she sleeps, and have been able to begin planning two major projects that are looming. The first is the kid's playroom, the other, the annual garden plan.

The playroom is located right off of our family room and I have been struggling to figure out a way to redo the room so that the older kids are happy, and the baby is safe. I think I have found a way to create a simple divider that can be moved when the kids have friends over. I found carpet tiles that I will be using in that room and I have a color scheme planned. I am going to go to the fabric store in the next few weeks to see if I can find something fun to make into curtains and I want to make some oversized floor pillows to try and deter them from throwing couch cushions on the floor. There are some fun wall decals that we will put up and I am creating centers for the kids. I want it to be fun and comfortable for the big kids, but also a good place for Teagan to play, that is a tough balance.

The other big project is the garden. We have just begun the seed planning and are pouring over the catalogs. I am leaning towards heritage seeds this year, we always try to avoid hybrids and have worked with organics, but the heritage catalog I have is so exciting and interesting, it might be the way to go. I am also planning to purchase a small greenhouse this year, nothing fancy, but enough to extend our season...any suggestions?

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