Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010-the year of purge

Being that we are in flux and not sure where we are headed, I realized that I should work on getting the house ready to be sold. Now I don't anticipate putting it on the market any sooner than a full year from now, but upon looking around, I realized I may NEED that year to get ready!

Our house is a good size, and we have been here six and a half years and added two kids to the mix during that time. To say that we have many "Monica's Closets" would be an understatement.

So I have dubbed 2010 the year of the purge. First in line, the playroom. It was on the schedule to be redone next month, and with that will come a huge purge. My goal is to have minimal toys left for the big kids, and a play area for Teagan. New coat of paint, new curtains and new carpet will round things out.

Next in line, the master bedroom. We need better storage, so new dressers are on the plan. I also need to clean out the closet.

Then the Master Bath which will be painted and get a new shower and new floor.

The rest of the house will get decluttered, anything that is extra or not in use will be packed in boxes and moved to the garage...which also needs a good cleaning. My hope is that we get the house prepped and ready to be sold, small repairs made and a few bigger jobs done so we can maximize the amount we will make.

Wish me luck, I am fighting against the current on this one...four kids make organization seem impossible!

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