Monday, January 4, 2010

A mom's immune system

I know, I know, the kids are sick and you are sick of hearing about it. Well, this time I am going to talk about how I am different right?

Anywho....when the kids are sick, I can often feel the illness waiting in the wings like the second string dancers just itching to get out and ruin my performance. I feel the congestion, the sniffles sneak up sometimes and my throat feels a little raw. Somehow the adreneline needed to manage three or four sick kids, the coffee buzz needed to offset the lack of sleep and the general lack of focus means that while I know it is there, I am not actually sick.

Then it happens....they get well. The kids start to get better due in no small part to their loving mama, and I start to decline. Last night I could feel it, I felt worse than I have in days and when I went to bed, I was really under the weather. As I woke ten thousands times last night to feed the baby, I felt worse and worse, and then this morning, I awoke to the tell tale raging headache and nasty cough. The positive to all this is that I completed the briefs for the courses I am writing last night, the hubby is off today and was able to present me with cough meds and tea first thing, the girls are off to school (HOORAY) and I have very little I NEED to do. The negative is that I want to get my house back in order following the two full weeks of having my entire family here, trapped inside, sick. I also must undecorate the house, I am tired of looking at it and want to get moving towards the cheery hearts and reds of Valentines Day.

Damn immune system, can't you let me be sick when they are so I can get it over with?

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