Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just can it

I had an old post saved I was going to put up. but decided not to.

Instead I will talk about our plans for Fall. As school begins, I decided to plan a few family outings. We looked at doing the state fair, but the kids LOVE the Maryland Renaissance Festival, so we will do that instead! We also need to go apple picking. We are returning to the orchard we went to last year up by my sister and hope to pick at least 200 lbs. We ran through our dried apples from last year, but still have some apple pie filling and apple butter. I plan to use these up in the next few weeks to make room for new jars. Apple season is a blessing and a curse. I literally need to can every free moment I have, and with a new baby it will be interesting this year, but we get so much for all that work. In addition, the house smells fantastic with all the cooking apples for weeks on end!

Anyway, it seems we are getting ready for the Fall and another new school year. I hope to have bright and ambitious students, and that my girls have successful years as well!

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