Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new year begins

Tomorrow night I head back to PT school and I am approaching it with mixed feelings. I am always unhappy with change and worry and complain leading up to the start, but always leave my first class excited and looking forward to the semester. Fall term is my favorite by far, the schedule is better and the students seem more excited and into the material.

I am, however, a little sad about leaving the kids, especially Teagan. She will be seven weeks tomorrow, and while I know I have it better than most, I will still miss her and the other kids while I am at class. I am also a touch concerned about how she and Ryan will do. She is still really little and wants nothing to do with Daddy right now. I know that within a few weeks they will find a routine for Wednesday nights and Friday afternoons, and for me it will be great to step away a bit, but any change is hard and I don't want to know my baby is at home crying.

Next week the girls head back to school and my FT gig gets underway. Again I approach with mixed emotions, while I will be happy they girls are at school and I will have a bit more time to work and get things done, I will miss them and dread the after school crazies.

I hope everyone is excited as the new school year begins and enjoy seeing their children enter a new year full of excitement, friends and learning. They truly grow up so quickly, the days and years go by far too fast.

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