Saturday, September 19, 2009

Long week

It was a long week of good and bad news. We are slowly adapting to the schedule and while the girls are tired by the end of the week, we are feeling more in control. Gray, Teagan and I are also getting used to the quieter days, although poor Gray really misses the girls being home to play with. Preschool starts in a few weeks, so that should help him feel better since he will get to see his friends and play three days a week.

Right now I am anxiously awaiting October for a number of reasons, and will be thankful as we head into fall and winter.

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A Jersey Girl said...

A very LONG WEEK, yet I am not sure where the days go!!! Seems there is little time for anything!

I did enjoy my time with Teagan yesterday though, a very nice break! Ryan and Gray weren't bad either:) It would only have been better if you were there...well, maybe Gray and Margaret at school:)