Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Management

I never realized how much of my day was spent dealing with the girls....them fighting with each other, with Grayson, complaining, needing things, etc. Since they have been back at school, I now see how I used to get everything done. I have had no trouble getting the chores for the day completed, lunch made for myself and Gray and dinner for the family. I have also had time to relax a little, work, and get some of the bigger tasks underway (there are ample BIG tasks that always need doing). Now keep in mind, I have the younger two at home which includes the 8 week old who nurses every two to three hours and needs to be held or carried a lot and I STILL have more time! Don't get me wrong, I love my girls and I am thrilled to see them when they get home, but they need a lot of attention, apparently more than the two younger kids, and between all four that leaves little time to get tasks accomplished. I am thankful they enjoy school and that things are going well for everyone!

I am trying to make Tuesdays a fun day for Gray and I, at least until preschool starts next month. Tomorrow I promised to take him to lunch and then to the Marine Corp Museum. I think he will have a great time, and if the museum bores him, there is an awesome playground outside that he can visit too. The main concern will be feeding Teagan. I know I will feed her before we leave, then we need to stop and pick up a medication for me and drop off a script for Haven, then we will go to lunch. Before we go into the museum I will need to feed the baby, so that may be a good time to stop at the playground, so he can play and I can nurse, then we will go into the museum. Depending on when we are done, I will see if we have time to run up to Wegman's. I have a big list that I need to fill and we will be almost halfway there, so it may be worth it. Better yet, I should email the list to Ry and have him stop on his way home tomorrow :)

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