Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We have not had a real vacation this year, the trip to Vermont didn't happen since they had no internet and with the baby coming this summer we had nothing planned. We did, however, make a quick trip to Smith Mountain Lake the last few days to a house my parents rented with my aunt and uncle. While it was only a few short days, we had so much fun and are hoping my parents rent again next year so we can come for longer. As best we know, they are looking at houses while up there so that we can come next year along with my sister's family. It is great for us since it is only a 4 hour drive for both families and we had a blast on the boat. Here is a picture of me and three kids, Teagan stayed behind on dry land with my mother, four weeks old is too young for a boat ride!

We are also planning another beach trip. Last summer we rented a beautiful house in Avon, NC with the Fallon's and had so much fun. Nothing says beach vacation like six kids, a beach and lots of good fun! Next year we will have one extra kiddo, but expect that everyone will really enjoy playing with friends, fishing, messing around in the sand and hanging out on the decks. Right now, we are looking at beach house choices and I hope we are booked up and set by October. The last thing we are hoping to find is an affordable, used pop up trailer. We want to camp with the kids, but are also realists and know that as soon as it rains or there is a huge bug, they will want to be inside. We want something simple with beds and a table and the option to cook inside. Hopefully we will find something this winter so we can camp next summer too! We have a lot of vacation to make up for!

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