Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sew not easy

Well, I thought that all that time I was on maternity leave I could get some sewing, NOPE! I really need to make my way down to the fabric store and get some fleece since I promised the girls new ponchos for Fall. They look pretty easy to make, so I just need to get the materials, pull out the machine, and get going. I also need to get some fleece to make a few sleep sacks for Teagan, they are so great in the winter when it gets chilly, so that will need to happen soon. As for the rest of the sewing I hope to do, I want to master skirts for the girls, they love hippie skirts that twirl, and being able to custom make them at home, to the length and size we need, would be awesome. Guess I will work on that come Fall!

Now I need to get some clothes on, my neighbor wants to come by and see the baby, so I will feed her, get dressed and then call. I have a nice dinner planned, mini BBQ meatloafs, corn on the cob and green beans...local beef from our cow, corn and beans from the CSA and I will probably make either corn bread or regular bread. Yummy!

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