Saturday, August 1, 2009

Other options?

I have said a few times that the husband and I are looking to get our of here in the next few years and that we had our sights set on heading north. Yesterday I found a few job options at my husband's current company, but at a different facility. He is going to look into them, as it may mean he can move to days and keep his seniority and many, many weeks of time off for being there so long. My sister is equally excited that he try for the job at the new facility since she was just hired by the same company working on a different part of a project that he also works on (total weird coincidence) and that the other facility is closer to their house. She really wants us to move up by her, and I would be OK with that since her area is very rural and we can easily afford something her way when we sell our house here. It would mean we could have multiple acres to grow on and animals, and I could stay on with my FT at home gig and the PT gig since it is within driving distance. I guess we will see what happens and which way things go, I hope we find the right path soon!

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