Sunday, August 23, 2009

The grind is nearing

This is my last week of leave, PT school starts the first week of September and while I am happy to get back on campus, I really enjoy not having to be anywhere. Add to that that FT job starts the following week, as does dance and school for the girls, we will be thrown into the grind pretty hard! I realize I have it better than most, but still, I am enjoying just needing to take care of my family and not needing to work :(

We are enjoying a quiet weekend, trying to get a few tasks done, having some downtime and just enjoying each other. When we all go back to school, we rarely have time all together as a family. Ryan works Saturday-Tuesday, so he is off on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays and the girls are at school. While Grayson, Teagan and I get time with him, the girls do not, so family time is important right now. My teaching schedule this fall is good for him sleepwise, but hard on us for time together since I only get Thursday as a full day together. This is the trade off we make so that we both can work and still be around for the kids, but I would still like to only have one job. Maybe when we make the big in a few years we will be able to get me down to only needing to work the FT job from home.

OK, need to go and start dinner...grilled steak salad!

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