Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The long morning

It has been a tough 24 hours. Ryan ended up staying home last night because as he was due to leave, I ended up in a puddle in a meltdown. I was really afraid of having the kids along all night on an average of 1.5 hours sleep over five days. It was a good thing he stayed home since the baby was up screaming in the night, and he was able to take her away and let me sleep a few hours. I feel much better today!

This morning Teagan and Grayson had doctor's appointments. The baby is up to 7 lbs 10 ozs, so she is gaining nicely and she grew half an inch! The doctor thinks that Grayson's issue is Transient/Toxc synovitis he had a CBC done which was clear and we took him for an X-ray that we are waiting for results on. Thankfully, Emily was kind enough to take the older kids the afternoon and Teagan and I are getting a much needed rest. I also took the easy way out for dinner, and I am defrosting the stuffed cabbage I had in the freezer...heck the meat is free range/antibiotic free and the cabbage is from the CSA, so it is a good quick meal!

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