Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have so much to say

but can't seem to gather my thoughts.

Teagan is six weeks old tomorrow, and while we have some sort of a routine, it is not a good one and will be changed in the next two weeks. I am feeling overwhelmed, the house is more cluttered and disorganized than I like, especially the kitchen. I know that once I pick out, order and finally get the new dishwasher, much of that clutter will disappear, but for now the stack of paper plates and the very large and always filled dish drain remain. I want to get these big tasks done, but the baby is still so little and won't let me put her down for long which means I have to sit here and look at what I want to do rather than do it.

Am I dreading work....yes. Mostly just PT school since my FT gig is so flexible. I am also stressing about keeping up with our choices, staying on top of laundry, errands, two jobs, the extra classes I am writing, my classes, kid's activities, homework, cooking, cleaning, etc.....it is overwhelming to me right now. Have we done a pretty good job? Yes. Is it good enough? I'm not sure. The CSA ends in a few weeks and then I will add the milk order back in, I just couldn't do both in the same week anymore. Maybe once school starts for everyone we will find a new routine, I can only hope.

I know this will pass, this blah feeling about everything. I know that soon it will be apple and pumpkin time, my favorite season. Then it will be winter with it's fires and warm blankets, again a favorite time of the year. We will find a path, I will make it all fit together, but right now I am just sitting here, looking at my glorious new girl and thankful to have these problems....many are not so lucky.

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Ree said...

You are an awesome mommy, a great multi-tasker and a wonderful person!! I don't know how you do ALL that you do!! I certainly couldn't hold a candle to you!! I aspire to be a quarter of what you are!! You blow mw away!!!
Sit back and enjoy the time w/Teagan!! Esp. being your last!! You know how fast they grow...soak up every second!!!! The rest will fall into place! ♥♥♥♥